Financial Edge NXT Implementations By
Professionals For Streamlined Non-Profit Accounting

Financial Edge Implementations and Consultation
in Summerville, SC Helping Non-Profits Prosper

Edge Accountants and Advisors LC
has served the non-profit financial industry for decades. With our
industry experience, we are mindful that non-profit organizations need an
accurate and detailed accounting system to keep track of the many organizations
specific reporting dimensions.

We are a certified
Blackbaud Channel Partner specializing in Financial Edge NXT. FENXT is a great
resource for financial monitoring, reporting, and budgeting in one solution. Our
Blackbaud Financial Edge implementation services help you leverage the right
tools for your organization by deploying this cloud hosted, fund accounting

We are based in
Summerville, SC, but frequently work with organizations across the country to help
making the transition to a new accounting software seamless. Partner with EAA
LC, and make more time for fundraising, donor engagement, and grant procurement.
Our goal is to enable you to fulfill your unique mission and social good objectives.

Financial Edge Implementation Services at
Edge Accountants And Advisors LC

Financial Edge NXT is an intuitive and all-in-one solution. However, it is important to ensure the initial configuration sets your organization up for success. Being a CPA firm, we understand the accounting principles in your organization as well as the technical skills to apply them with best practices in Financial Edge. With us as your FE implementation consultants, we hope to build a long-term foundation for you to grow your organization and make the most of your investment.

Our implementations consist of:


We host a meeting to determine our client’s requirements, expectations, and deadlines as well as perform an organization analysis to determine your workflows and any desired edits to your current accounting system. Further, we map out the project’s scope and the timing of deliverables.

Implementation Consultation

We will determine the most efficient procedures to apply the workflows and requirements in the FE interface and facilitate all the data manipulation required to do so. Our proactive consultants evaluate the required changes, any winstrol additional Financial Edge modules, leading to the successful execution of the application.

Full-Spectrum Configuration

Our software implementation includes general ledger configuration, bank account setup, a standard visual chart organizer, and accounts payable/receivable configuration. In addition, the process extends to the delivery of mapping documents for the audit trail and the configuration of any other FE module (requested by the client).

Data Extraction

We move on to your organization’s financial data to complete our technically-perfect deployment after feature configuration. Financial Edge qualified team at Edge Accountants, and Advisors LC enters or imports data into Financial Edge from previous software (if any) and databases.

Meticulous Testing

We paid careful attention to the critical performance of the implemented software and hardware efficiency check for FE NXT. We ensure all technicalities are integrated. Our professionals identify the financial software gaps with that of your organization’s financial/ accounting structure through testing.


To unlock the software’s full potential for your finance team and organization, we conduct comprehensive training sessions. We help you be an expert in configuration, reporting, daily processes, handling the database and web browser access, and switching between both.

Support For Financial Edge

Edge Accountants and Advisors LC is a full-service CPA firm that can fill gaps in your organization’s accounting cycle. We can assist you with accounting services from qualified bookkeeping, to acting as an outsourced CFO if needed. We understand the principles of non-profit accounting and have proficiency with the software.

EAA LC can generate custom reports that may not be out of the box with Financial Edge, provide complete bookkeeping services, audits, or simply assist with best practices. No matter what problem your organization is facing we can help provide a solution.

Organizations That Benefit From Financial Edge

Blackbaud offers accounting software for non-profits, educational institutions, charitable organizations, government entities, and religious organizations. Whichever sector you belong to, as a professional Financial Edge consultant in South Carolina we help can help you.

Moreover, our Financial Edge services Summerville, SC are at your disposal for more than just the Financial Edge implementation. You can get us on board for your troubled queries related to the general ledger, accounts payable and receivable, cash receipts and payroll, fixed assets, and more.

Custom Accounting Software
That Works Best for Your Business– Bringing
Your Accounting Solution Ideas to Life

Feeling troubled about your accounting chores because of off-the-shelf accounting software? Need an application to handle piles of information, analyze financial data or want to determine how well your business is performing at any time?

Edge Accountants and Advisors LC can be your custom accounting software development buddy with agility in the accounting field and software development bracket. Custom accounting applications unquestionably help with effective financial management and increase the productivity and efficiency of the business.

So as skilled accounting software developers in South Carolina, we save you time and money now and tomorrow whether you need Spreadsheets, complete custom software for small businesses, or an enterprise-level accounting system.

Our professional team stays proactive in researching, designing, prototyping, and testing your custom software. As a result, our custom accounting software development fully takes on the commitment to comply with your business needs, goals, and workflows.


Built-In Features and Perks of our
Custom Accounting Software Development

Custom-Suit Of Functionality

No limited features anymore! Get a go-to software meeting your task requirement from the general ledger, payables, and receivables management, asset and inventory accounting, financial data reconciliation, payroll & tax management, and financial reporting to comprehensive audit trail and automation.

Flexibility & Scalability

One size never fits all. So Edge Accountants and Advisors LC build your software from scratch, providing the best scalability and flexibility. Regardless of the model and size of the business or software, our custom solutions are easy-to-use and easy to scale, following your business needs.

Data Protection & Security

Data loss and Security loopholes can cost a fortune. So paying heed to rigorous testing for performance and security, our accounting software developers make sure your software incorporates best-fit security measures for your financial documents and private information.

Your Questions Our Answers

What is the difference between Blackbaud Financial Edge and Financial Edge NXT?

Blackbaud Financial Edge software is an advanced accounting solution tailored for non-profits. It offers powerful tools like real-time reporting to streamline accounting and organizational financial health monitoring.

The Financial Edge is the database view (hosted through Citrix or Microsoft Azure). On the other hand, Financial Edge NXT is totally web-based and can be accessed anywhere from a web browser. The best part is one can easily move back and forth between these two interfaces and access the same data and records.

Why should I use Financial Edge Software?

If you are seeking a complete solution for financial monitoring, reporting, and budgeting, look no further than the Financial Edge NXT. Its impressive features include but are not limited to advanced multi-scenario budgeting, grant and project accounting, and customizable and real-time reporting. You can seamlessly track and report on your grant transactions and monitor your organization’s financial health, as well as manage cash flow and expenses and assist with fundraising efforts. It can also be configured to meet your unique needs.

Who can use Blackbaud Financial Edge NXT?

Blackbaud Financial Edge NXT is a reliable cloud-based fund accounting software. It was designed with non-profit organizations in mind. The non-profit organizations exist in multiple industries ranging from churches, healthcare organizations, government entities, and educational institutions. As a reputable Financial Edge consultant located near Blackbaud headquarters in South Carolina, we can help organizations of any industry make the most of their investment.

Can Financial Edge NXT help our organization with audits?

Blackbaud Financial Edge NXT’s audit trail feature is ideal for maintaining evidence of all accounting activities in the system. You can ensure proper record keeping and have an audit trail for every transaction. In turn, during audits, you can be assured that the data you are providing is accurate.

Why should I use custom accounting software?

Custom accounting system/software offers tailored functionality to manage business-specific accounting easily. You can expect to have the core accounting functions to advanced functionality from bookkeeping to Mobile Accounting Apps. At Edge Accountants and Advisors LC, we not only provide custom software building but also customized accounting services.

How much will it cost to build my own custom accounting software?

Some factors decide the Software cost. For example, it includes the business model, type of software and features/ modules, expected time to market, and development approach, alongside many others. However, Edge Accountants and Advisors LC provide modest prices for all custom accounting software development.

How long do you take to build up accounting software?

For the most part, it depends on the complexity of the product and the functionalities you wish to have in your system. Further, it also depends on the client’s choice. For example, launching a prototype or planning to have a fully functional version right away. Therefore, custom accounting software development can take time from several weeks to months.


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