Data-Driven Engagement Planning,
Analysis, and Report Delivery Systems

We are a team of professional auditors with data expertise and related analytical skills which help us to design, plan, and conduct our services in a way that results in superior, cost-effective results.

Audit and Review Engagements

The highest level of financial statement assurance is an audit. An audit is frequently required by third parties like bankers, credit grantors, and bonding firms. Examining the supporting documentation for the figures and disclosures in the financial statements on a test basis, reviewing the accounting rules applied and important estimations made by management, and assessing the overall presentation of the financial statements are all parts of an audit.

The independent accountant’s responsibility during an audit is to express an opinion on the financial statement’s fair presentation. We plan and perform our audit engagements to deliver high-quality financial report services based on Generally Accepted Auditing Standards (GAAS).

A review engagement is limited in scope compared to an audit and primarily consists of speaking with client staff and using analytical procedures to evaluate and understand client accounting records.  The independent accountant’s responsibility during a review is to express an opinion on the financial statement’s fair presentation.

Compilation and Preparation Engagements

When financial statement needs are limited, clients look to us for compilation or preparation services, rather than a review or an audit. In compilation and review engagements, we help management prepare a financial statement and related supporting reports and schedules.  In neither engagement is any assurance or opinion provided.

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An auditor is an individual, or firm, who examines the accuracy of recorded business transactions in an organization. Auditors are necessary to verify accounting procedures are functioning as designed, and that the financial statements produced by an organization fairly reflect its operational and financial results. They are primarily engaged in audits, which communicate an opinion on an entity’s financial statements and their presentation.

  • Professional and ethical standards for licensed certified public accountants
  • Independence
  • Objectivity
  • Properly prepared industry-relative accountants report, financial statements, and related disclosures.


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