Simplifying Business Accounting

Looking for a committed business accounting firm in Summerville SC that understands your business needs? Consider Edge Accountants and Advisors LC when choosing the best business accounting services in South Carolina. We are a diligent accounting firm, excelling in many different accounting industries and their operations.
Further, we will serve you with more than just traditional tax returns or financial statement engagements. Instead, we understand your business runs on a deeper day-to-day level. We provide solutions for improvements to achieve your business goals.

As a locally owned & operated accounting firm in South Carolina, we entertain an all-encompassing range of business services for individuals, families, businesses, and non-profit organizations.

Edge Accountants and Advisors LC considers accounting as one of the foundational pillars of any business. Our services include tax and accounting-related assistance. In addition, our vast experience gives us the understanding that every business is distinct. We come up with tailored business accounting solutions and specialized accounting services for every client.

There is no need for you to deal with day-to-day bookkeeping anymore! We keep your business financial records in good shape and free your time up to be spent in other areas. Our bookkeeping services rid you of the stress of balance sheets, accounts payable and receivable, cash flow, financial statements preparation and reporting, reconciliation, and payroll.

Getting swamped by employees’ payroll headaches? No worries! We offer a perfect combination of complete payroll services, from processing payroll and enabling value-added solutions for your business. Let our team handle your timesheets, pay slip preparation, salary payments, allowances, deductions, and reimbursements with reliability.

Investments, capital structure, money management, and long-term maximizing of profits require astute planning & budgeting. Thus, our thoughtful Business planning lays out your business’s current standing, growth plans, and strategic approaches to reach your goals. Our business budget specialists estimate and devise spending plans to make your financial undertaking successful.

Identifying and implementing the best business accounting solutions with features including monitoring, tracking, and compliance is a niche that we excel in. We use the best tools and stay up to date to support your company-wide accounting processes, whether you are a business startup, an existing and growing business, or an enterprise business owner.

Business Accounting Services
Tailored For Not-For-Profit Entities

Philanthropic organizations, no matter if they are small charities or sizable trusts, still have accounting chores they must deal with. A well-trained CPA can manage and support the technical procedures and financial accountabilities. This allows you to stay focused on purposeful deeds and make your organization prosper.


Our team specializes in business accounting services in South Carolina for not-for-profit foundations. Edge Accountants and Advisors LC offers efficient non-profit bookkeeping, financial reports, reconciliations, and more business services, including support for fundraising tools and analytic reporting tools.

Planning for Your Financial Freedom

To focus on your business growth and clients, you must have solid financial management in place. We believe balanced finances and organized accounts bring financial freedom. We want to see you experience this freedom. With dedication, we provide accurate and timely financial insights that help make informed business decisions.

Investments, capital structure, money management, and long-term maximizing of profits require astute planning & budgeting. Thus, our thoughtful Business planning lays out your business’s current standing, growth plans, and strategic approaches to reach your goals. Our business budget specialists estimate and devise spending plans to make your financial undertaking successful.

As one of the accounting industry’s best business accounting services providers, we watch your business every step of the way. We are determined to keep your financial records consistent with in-depth comparisons across all channels, including bank accounts, credit cards, loans, and fixed assets, to keep your businesses keep running at their peak.

Alongside other accounting assistance, our services offer reliable evaluation of all aspects of your financial life with the highest level of accuracy. We analyze financial systems (records and statements) through audits, reviews, and compilations, saving you from risks and validating your business performance as per accounting standards & principles.

Our affordable business accounting services in South Carolina allow you to outsource our professional financial consultants as personal financial managers. They assist you with (but are not limited to) financial projections, cash management succession planning, and advisory to streamline your business’s continuous growth and success and achieve realistic revenue and profitability.

Take Back Your Time For Your Business

At Edge Accountants and Advisors LC, we aim to be the first business accounting firm in Summerville, SC you think of to entrust your business accounting. We have shaped our services to drive results that are appreciably aligned with customer needs. We want to develop long-term relationships and help you to meet your goals.


Having us as your accounting firm will give you plenty of time to focus on what matters to your business. We will take care of everything for you, from bookkeeping to budgeting and assurance, regardless of the company and business size. We are with you every step of the way, from setting up a new business’s legal status to planning its budgeting.


Need business accounting solutions? We are a local accounting firm in Summerville SC and the surrounding areas. As a motivated, well-experienced, and dedicated accounting team, we oversee all your accounting systems to keep things running as smoothly as possible.

Your Questions Our Answers

The short answer is “yes”. Businesses are more nuanced than simply preparing financial statements and tax returns. For example, audits, financial management, and payroll are a few of a long list of accounting crunch points. A certified accounting firm will not only help by taking the role of a business advisor but also help you with many other aspects like bookkeeping and budgeting. In short, you will get assistance for all that is essential to set your business on a successful path.

Yes, we assist you with both to save you time and money. In fact, we provide support for both QuickBooks online and desktop, alongside other bookkeeping tools. Similarly, we offer payroll services for your business’s payroll needs, from processing and calculation to facilitating timely payroll tax deposits.

Generally, a bookkeeper compiles data and maintains your business’ books (accounting ledgers) on a daily basis. You can expect bookkeepers to help you with financial records, tracking transactions, and creating reports. On the other hand, an accountant can help you with tax returns, planning & advisory, audit, and consultation, alongside bookkeeping and keeping with accounting principles.

Therefore, it is best to work with a skilled accountant. Edge Accountants and Advisors LC is a comprehensive business accounting firm in Summerville SC. We are glad to serve you as a bookkeeper and an accountant at the same time and tackle all the bookkeeping and accounting needs for your business.

If your business or organization is growing and you have no time to focus on tracking expenses and transactions, from payroll maneuvers to assurance, you want to map out your business’s financial management and potential growth, or you struggle with tax returns. Sometimes business accounting solutions can be more challenging to handle than expected for people.

Even if you simply desire an accounting expert to look after your business operations and financial trends. In such scenarios, seeking help from a CPA (certified public accountant) with reliable business accounting services is an ideal solution.

We are an experienced accounting firm and have worked with a variety of accounting systems like QuickBooks and Blackbaud products. We can work with any system that meets your business accounting needs and your preferences. 

We are currently serving a diverse client base with assistance for QuickBooks, monthly reconciliations and financial statements, accounting software implementations, and many other services. We cater to individuals and families alongside businesses and non-profits related to all industries.

 In general, we offer flexible, affordable business accounting services to keep customer convenience as our priority. You decide what level of involvement or assistance from bookkeeping to audits and compilation. Services’ costs can vary depending on business needs, accounting activity, and complexity, but we operate with clear communication and transparency so you will never be surprised.


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