Tax Planning Services in South Carolina,
Maximizing Savings On Your Returns Every Year

If you have proper planning and strategies in place, annual tax returns don’t have to be a headache. Edge Accountants and Advisors LC is here with well-versed tax planning services in South Carolina fueled with agility and professionalism.

As a veteran tax planning consultant in South Carolina, we genuinely care for your hard-earned salary and financial security. Also, Edge Accountants and Advisors LC is well aware of the headaches of individual tax preparation, filing, and future planning.

We service the North Charleston, Summerville, and Goose Creek areas and are available to help file your returns on time. We also commit to providing outcome-driven planning to help you navigate the tax ramifications of important financial decisions made throughout the year.

A CPA Firm That Will Help You
Prepare For Tax Season Year-Round

If you aren’t proactively thinking of the tax implications behind your financial decisions, then you might be paying more than you should be and could miss out on savings. We can help you understand what you should be paying and provide guidance to avoid overpaying the IRS.

Tax planning services go beyond simple tax return preparation and making sure you stay current with your tax filing. Edge Accountants and Advisors LC works with you proactively as you make important decisions throughout the year. Whether you are selling your house, starting a new business, withdrawing from retirement accounts, or even winning the lottery, we can help you plan for the tax bill at the end of the year, so you pay as little as possible and face no surprises.

We are always here as your trusted tax planning advisor who understands what’s unique about your situation, providing reliable tax advice, consultations, and implementing innovative tax plans and solutions.

Consider utilizing our knowledgeable tax planning services and stop overpaying the IRS today!

Tax Planning Consultant In South Carolina At
Your Assistance To Help Achieve Your Financial Goals.

Because we are a local firm located in Summerville, trust is a foundational principle of EAA LC. We prioritize your best interests and after more than two decades of experience in the accounting and tax industry, we want to help you achieve your goals. Edge Accountants and Advisors LC prioritizes customer service by not only filing your tax returns but also considering the best route to achieve your long-term financial goals; helping you develop a lifestyle that meets your current needs and sets you up for success in the future.

Optimize Your Taxes Strategically With Highly-Seasoned Tax
Planning Services from a local CPA in Summerville SC.

Serving you as your tax accountants in this evolving tax system, we work throughout the entire year staying current with the ever-changing tax codes and laws. Our specialized team of tax planning strategists is dedicated to keeping you current as well. We exercise mid-year or year-end income tax projections, keeping your mind at ease for the upcoming years.

Edge Accountants and Advisors LC makes sure you are receiving every allowable tax deduction and credit. Edge Accountants and Advisors LC Keeps you well-informed and well-prepared for every situation; like getting married, moving, expanding your house/business, launching a new product, or deferring some of your salary/ business income. Our thoughtful tax planning services help you:

Realize tax advantages by
ensuring you are claiming every
applicable deduction
Limit your tax
obligations and make your
personal finances stable
Make decisions
with the tax implications
in mind

Tax Preparation And Planning
Services That Help You Get More Out
Of Your Tax Returns

Whether you are a high-net-worth individual, partner, or run a small business firm as a sole proprietor, a student who wishes to advance in a career, or a solopreneur. Edge Accountants and Advisors LC can be your income tax preparation and tax planning advisor in South Carolina with the best tax insights.

Our deep knowledge of the individual tax landscape helps us create applicable strategies to help you keep more of your hard-earned money in your pocket and stop overpaying the IRS. Our professional tax planning firm in Summerville SC plans to cut down on your yearly tax bill by suggesting simple changes that could have a major impact on your tax bill. 

Your Questions Our Answers

Tax Planning is a set of strategies that help individuals and businesses realize substantial tax savings by tailoring a course of action that optimizes your yearly tax returns based on your unique situation. It also extends to maximizing applicable tax breaks and exploring what you need to meet your long-term goals. Our tax planners guide clients on managing their money wisely, including estate planning, retirement, and investments.

Our CPA firm offers tax planning and preparation for Summerville, SC and surrounding areas.

A seasoned tax planning advisor can help you avoid costly errors and ensure you don’t overpay. Also, a professional can help you explore all deductions and credits that you or your business is entitled to. If your tax situation is complicated, it is a must to let professional tax planners like Edge Accountants and Advisors LC handle them. As local tax planning consultants in Summerville, we help you promote your wealth building with a creative plan for future expenses and opportunities with a personalized approach tailored to you.

Married people always have two options for federal income tax returns. For example, to file jointly or separately. For every married couple, the IRS suggests filing joint tax returns and extends several tax breaks for joint filers. However, it’s not a requirement to file jointly; there are some scenarios where it could be beneficial to file separately.

Nevertheless, at Edge Accountants and Advisors LC, we compare joint and separate filing statuses and their practicality for our clients. Afterward, prepare and file the tax return to help you get the most out of your tax situation.

Yes, independent contractors, solopreneurs, some small business owners, and individuals in similar situations can have to pay self-employment taxes. SE taxes can be costly and avoidable in some scenarios. Let us help you navigate the best course of action for you.


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