Stress-Fee Tax Services Ensuring IRS Compliance

Failing to file yearly tax returns can levy severe consequences for businesses and individuals alike. You can’t avoid paying taxes, but you can make it easier by trusting Edge Accountants and Advisors LC as your personal accounting firm for tax services in Summerville, South Carolina.

We excel in tax preparation, from simple individual returns to complex corporate taxes. We have served almost every industry assisting individuals and businesses with preparing, filing, and modifying tax returns, or filing for a timely extension. We strive to make you IRS-compliant while ensuring you are paying as little as possible. Allow us to help you avoid mistakes, troubles, and penalties with our dedicated and efficient tax services in South Carolina.

Our goal is to build and nurture close business relationships with our clients by taking care of your tax burdens and helping you plan for your long-term goals. We serve individuals, families, and small businesses; and attend to larger corporations and non-profits with personalized tax services in Summerville, SC. We are dedicated to providing peace of mind and treating all our clients’ tax needs with an individualized approach.

Whether you are a salaried employee or are self-employed, our qualified tax professionals factor in all relevant details pertinent to your unique situation to accurately complete your tax filing and help you plan to meet your long-term wealth accumulation goals.

In addition to business tax preparation, we offer full-scale production services to small businesses, providing period bookkeeping, & monthly reporting to keep you informed & to help strategize for tax season. We have found this type of partnership allows us to help you with your financial decision-making more effectively & have more insight into your personal goals & your business’ growth.

Non-profit tax compliance is uniquely different from personal and business tax returns. Our CPA firm also has over a decade of experience in the not-for-profit bracket. We can help your tax-exempt organization navigate filing 990’s for IRS compliance as well as generate annual reports for internal use.

Tax benefits require well-planned strategies, and our tax experts have a knack for tactical planning. Our strategic tax planning focuses on keeping your business on the right tax track, optimizing your tax returns so you pay as little as possible, and eliminating potential risks.

Tax Season Is Just Around The Corner!
We Can Help Finish Your Return On Time!

Feeling overwhelmed? Take it easy….

Our Professional Tax Services team at Edge Accountants and Advisors LC is here to file your taxes. No matter if you are an independent, professional, a business owner, or if you need to file returns for your family.  

If you just have started a business, you need to know which category you fall in, your tax obligations, and apply for a Tax ID. We can help. We also skillfully tackle late/ no filing issues you may be experiencing from prior years. We can also help with your 1099 reporting for your convenience.

Because we know you care for your hard-earned money, we offer affordable tax services in Summerville, SC, with transparency and in a timely manner for you. So wave goodbye to missing tax deadlines and facing tax penalties again!

Broad Spectrum Of Services with
Count Précision & Transparency On The Top

Edge Accountants and Advisors LC is a full-service accounting and business consulting firm in South Carolina, that is committed to excellence in everything we do. Our expert team clocks in extra time to curate peace of mind for our valuable customers by assisting you with the following (but not limited to):

Maximize the
appropriate tax deductions
Explore and claim
your tax credit opportunities
Plan out tax events for
next year to optimize efficiency

Tax Accounting Firm In Summerville,
SC That Works With You All Year Round

Edge Accounts and Advisors, LC stays active in continued education to stay current in tax law. Though a once-a-year activity, filing taxes directly influences your financial decisions and future growth. Therefore, instead of working at the last minute, we operate throughout the year, whether it is via preparing your financials, tax projections, or estimations. Call us for help planning the tax implications of major events throughout the year. We offer more than just tax service solutions. As a licensed CPA in Summerville SC, we render a complete set of services that individuals, businesses, partnerships, and non-profits need in these turbulent times, from accounting and accounting systems implementation to assurance. We are insightful on how to make you tax-compliant for your rate of growth and take your business to the next level with strategic planning and creative solutions.

Qualified Tax Advisory for
Adding Pace To Your Business.

Located in Charleston, South Carolina, we have been in terms of the taxation & accounting landscape for more than one decade. So we are well aware of the error-prone and time-intensive tax, accounting, assurance, and business planning works. 

Over the years, we have been contented to serve independent professionals and businesses of all walks of work, from profit and non-profit to Government, with a wide range of services. Meeting the standards of our valuable customers for lodgment & tax advisory and financial management at affordable costs is what sets Edge Accountants and Advisors LC apart from the pool of other accountants. Besides that, as a committed CPA in Summerville SC, we only render quality services that are worth investing in to keep you financially organized throughout the year.

Need help with IRS Representation?

Any correspondence from the IRS alarms taxpayers, making them anxious. With our experience in the tax industry, we know how to help.

Tax service solutions aren’t restricted to tax preparation and filing. We have your back for IRS and State letters. We can help you understand and respond to objective-based notifications like letters, audits, and additional information requirements.

We are an accredited Tax accounting firm in Summerville, SC, and we know how to represent you properly in front of the IRS and other tax authorities.

Consult our tax service staff in Summerville for complete information on appointing us as your representative for IRS audits. If you need support with something else related to your business financials and accounting, dial up and share with our specialists.

Your Questions Our Answers

If you missed the deadline or failed to file a tax return, you may face late filing and late tax payment penalties. We can file your return as quickly as possible to minimize penalties and interest.

It depends on the method. It will be free if you are doing it yourself. However, taxes are notoriously complicated for most people and any errors can cause headaches and monetary penalties from the IRS. The second is to hire a CPA for professional tax services and avoid headaches. In this case, the fee depends on the tax service provider’s experience, service rate, and project scope. Edge Accountants and Advisors LC offers affordable services for every taxpayer.

Generally, the recommended time you should keep your records is 7 years. The absolute minimum should be at least 3 years. Besides audits, tax records are helpful if you want or need to apply for credit or amend your return.

We have been a certified public accounting firm offering tax services in South Carolina for over a decade. So yes, we can help you with the IRS audits. We will analyze the situation and help you understand why you got the letter and how to handle it.

Our Tax services Summerville SC undertake all possible deductions for your tax returns for significant tax advantages.

Tax exemption (and its extent) can vary on the non-profit and state and local tax requirements. Also, non-profit organizations must file a Form 990 with the IRS annually to avoid automatic revocation of the organization’s tax-exempt status. Contact us to discuss reporting requirements for non-profit, tax-exempt organizations.


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